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Long Term Storage

The ability to choose or automatically move galleries, once expired, into a storage option that would free up space for more active galleries but still retain the gallery should we ever need to access the images. I'm making the assumption that Pixieset is using Amazon S3 servers or something similar but "glacier" storage is extremely affordable and would make a photographer's life easier in a few ways.

First, we could reactivate a gallery for a client at any time rather than having to re-upload a gallery after it's been deleted. It is not uncommon for clients to come back and ask to see their images again. Second, it provides backup for the photographer should an event happen where images were lost. It would certainly provide another level of comfort for photographers. Third, it would greatly improve workflow knowing that once uploaded into Pixieset the images are safe and secure until removed by the photographer.

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    Reece shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • tameka commented  · 

        hello. my son's photos are no longer available! were they deleted or removed somehow? who could tell me? the lady who took the photos don't seem toknow. she said they xl/delete out after so many days. I'm so upset!!!!! I wish I was informed of this, ifso. I should of have gotten a CD made.

      • Dominic commented  · 

        I'd love this to happen also. PLEASE GUYS!

      • Kelly commented  · 

        Yes please!

      • Bas commented  · 

        This really could be another selling point for pixieset. Reece was mentioning this: https://aws.amazon.com/glacier/ I really think Pixieset should take this in serious consideration.

      • Tzvi Perlow commented  · 

        Omg, what if you integrate Dropbox with Pixieset!!

      • Louise commented  · 

        You can try using "Cloudbacko home" software for taking backup . as this software gives backup and helps restoring as well i am basically using this software from long time , this software is best use for restoring i.e it gives large space for restoring. Leaving a link just check: http://www.cloudbacko.com/free-backup.jsp

      • Roy commented  · 

        I'd hate deleting galleries to free up space.
        It's very common for clients to reach out and ask for their gallery to be reactivated, this would be a great feature/addition!

      • Scott A Nelson commented  · 

        I just don't want to delete any of my images on Pixieset, how can you make that happen? I understand we might have to pay more, however I believe a lot of us photographers would like that option.

        On Pictage.com, I had 14 years worth of weddings. Very handy to have a service like that.

        Is there a plan for offering that option?

        You guys are awesome, thanks for all your work!


      • Shane commented  · 

        For a studio that shoots a lot of weddings and portrait sessions, this is huge. It would be great to have a two modes for galleries: one that is active (maybe the first year) and then have it become an archive (backup purposes only) that clients or the studio can pay fixed fee to turn back into active if necessary.

      • Sean Hoyt commented  · 

        I think PASS (competitor) has something similar where either the photographer or a visitor can pay to bring the gallery out of "cold storage" (Glacier). Cold storage is cheap (< $0.01 / GB) but putting and getting is expensive.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes Please!!!!! I may have to switch to another photo sharing company because of this.

      • Dana Thompson commented  · 

        I agree - currently deleting my Pixiset collection after 60 days to free up space and do long term storage on SmugMug. Would happily ditch them if we have this option with Pixieset!

      • Jason Ellison commented  · 

        I love it..please do this I want to ditch Smug slug!

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